Klarity: performance and execution serving a single vision. 

Since its launch, Klarity has established itself as the tailor-made insurance solution for SMBs  

Founder and CEO Ying Liang, with senior executive experience in the world of technology and finance, is driving Klarity’s vision to become a benchmark of vertical centric insurance for SMB.

Since its launch in 2022, Klarity has been offering innovative solutions in 4 business verticals, with specific policies tailored to each enterprise profile.

A customer-focused culture with a positive social impact 

Klarity is committed to listening to its customers and to meeting their requirements. Klarity is also engaged to a positive impact on society by offering insurance policies to business activities focusing on energy efficiency.

Key figures for Klarity

2,4M €
underwritten premiums
insurer partners

Klarity: an experienced team of talented people and an outstanding advisory board 

Klarity has assembled an experienced team that combines expertise in finance, IT, sales, marketing and, in particular, insurance. Klarity’s management team has strong leadership and management experience. 

The team is advised by C-level executives at international insurance companies, founders of technology companies and founders of large MGA.

Proven business model and clear path to profitability 

Klarity operates as a MGA (Managing General Agent). Klarity has know-how to develop innovative insurance products and to build sophisticated digital platform enabling a proven business process. Therefore, Klarity secures fast and healthy growth. The company’s first financial year result shows a clear path to profitability.